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All faculty had the choice to complete 2016 faculty annual reports in the old FIS or in FARIS

These were the annual report deadlines by school:

School 2016 Annual Report Deadline
Social Sciences January 25, 2017
Architecture January 31, 2017
Humanities January 31, 2017
Engineering February 1, 2017
Music February 1, 2017
Natural Sciences February 21, 2017

FARIS Annual Reports - Things To Know:

If you choose to use FARIS, please note that the 2016 annual reports for tenured and tenure-track faculty have already been started (or will be by Nov. 30th). Whatever records could be imported from Banner, (appointments, sponsored research applications and grants, courses taught, and some advising), have already been pulled into your report. If your publications have been indexed by Web of Science, Scopus, or PubMed, those have also been pulled into your report as well. However, your review is necessary to validate that these are really yours, since it is possible for the query to have pulled in someone with a similar name and some Rice connection. In addition, you will find quite a bit of information has been migrated over from the old FIS, some of which may be reused for this year's report, e.g., students advised over multiple years.
Your task with the annual report will be to review, edit, and add new records, following on screen instructions and linked documents as necessary.


Log in, click on Faculty Annual Report under Things To Do, then click on 2016 Report underneath that. 

KNOWN ISSUES affecting annual reports as of 1/29/17:

  • Known issues affecting annual reports have been resolved at this time.