Rollout Timeline

Oct 2015 -
Oct 2016

Faculty Advisory Group met monthly, giving input and testing system
Feb 2015
Pilot with two units, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and School of Architecture, in which they created and submitted 2015 Faculty Annual Reports in new system
Sep-Nov 2016
Staff Focus Group:  6 weeks of training, testing & feedback
Nov 8, 2016
FARIS go-live; old FIS retired
Nov 2016 -
Feb 2017

Training outreaches
Jan 6, 2017
Legacy data from old FIS for calendar years 2015 and 2016 (at minimum) loaded into FARIS for all schools except JGSB, which is not participating in FARIS at this time
Feb 21, 2017
2016 Faculty Annual Reports due in FARIS.  (Some schools may have earlier deadline.)

FIS Legacy Data Verification

  • The most time consuming aspect of the FARIS project is cleaning, reorganizing, and migrating legacy data from the old FIS.
  • To help make it more manageable, a plan was devised to preserve 100% of the most critical categories of data, including publications, most creative works, sponsored research awards and patents, but to limit legacy data from the old FIS to approximately 10 years for presentations; non-premiere, non-commissioned performances; other funding, such as travel grants; instruction and advising; honors and awards; and service.
  • Legacy data from the old FIS is being cleaned school by school and department by department.
  • We will be launching an FIS Legacy Data Verification Project to run concurrently with the FARIS rollout.
  • As departments are finished, faculty members in that department will be emailed Word documents containing the data in their new FARIS records for their verification/edits.
  • These documents will be emailed back to VPAA staff will analyze the responses, and if necessary, work with the faculty or with designated department staff to make any corrections in FARIS.
  • This project will be completed by May 31, 2017