Converis Selection Timeline

Mar 2014

Then Vice Provost for Research, Vicky Colvin, offers to fund initial costs for a new FIS, and asks VPAA to manage search process, configuration and rollout project.

An existing focus group (to advise on improvements to old FIS) was broadened to evaluate options for replacing old FIS.
Spr/Su 2014

Viewed web demos of 7 products; interviewed Rice deans on uses and wishes for FIS

Oct 2014

Invited 3 finalists to campus for presentations and Q&A; interviewed other institutional users of these products; narrowed it down to 2 finalists
Feb 2015

Based on new CIO 
Klara Jelinkova's suggestions, sought formal quotes from two other vendors, collected more information and peer recommendations on key integrations

May 2015

Decided to focus in on top candidate, Thomson Reuters’ (TR) Converis

June 2015

Had TR back to campus for another presentation to a larger group of stakeholders
July 2015

Consulted with new provost, Marie Lynn Miranda. Presented to ITEC (IT Executive Committee, chaired by Prof. Paul Padley); decision was made to go with Converis
Aug 2015
Contract negotiation; signed on Aug. 31, 2015