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Before you get started in Interfolio's Faculty Search, have you (or your HCM Initiator) created a job requisition in iO?

Here are some workflows to show how faculty hiring will work in the iO/Interfolio world beginning July 1, 2021. Basically, in almost all cases, it starts in iO with a job requisition, then it flows over to Interfolio for the actual posting and candidate selection, then it will flow back into iO with the final candidate.

Here are instructions for the HCM Initiator on how to get started on a new job requisition in iO.

As before, Adriana Vaughn is your main contact and resource for navigating your faculty hiring systems, and Celeste Boudreaux is her backup.

An important caveat: Unfortunately, the technical team was not able to complete the iO/Interfolio integration in time for go-live. They will be actively working on it in July 2021, and we hope to have it active by August. This means that there will be more manual work to be done for faculty searches that absolutely must be posted in July 2021. Specifically, the HCM Initiator will need to set up the job requisition in iO, and then (assuming that they're the same person who will be the Search Manager in Interfolio) set up the position again in Interfolio. Once the integration is live, this second step will be unnecessary. This is not something that VPAA can do for you; it is a requirement of Interfolio that the position be initiated by the Search Manager role. Sorry.

User Roles

A user's role determines their capabilities in Interfolio Faculty Search. There are a few different types of users in the program: Institutional Administrators, Administrators, Committee Managers, Evaluators, and EEO Officers.

Evaluators are faculty assigned to one or more search committees by an Administrator or Committee Manager. Evaluators can view applications, add labels to applications, and add ratings and comments on applications.

Committee Managers facilitate searches at the department level. Committee Managers can close the posting, edit settings, communicate with applicants, move applicants into various statuses, and view reports.

Administrators, usually at the dean's office level, can create, manage, and monitor searches in their school. They can also control settings and permissions for their school.

Rice/Interfolio Glossary
Interfolio term Rice equivalent Definition or Examples
Annotation none Private notes visible only to the evaluator
Application form Application section or supplemental questions Application sections, either required by Rice or school, or added for particular search
Application status Applicant status Examples: Pending references, Under review by committee, Rejected, Longlist, Shortlist
Applications report Applicant list (+ more) Customizable list of applicants and other data
Archive application Finalize non-selected applicant Remove from applicant list candidates no longer under consideration. Can still return them to active if necessary and control when they are notified of non-selection.
Blind review Ratings visibility Only Committee Manager role can see individual evaluator comments and ratings. Can be changed for different stages of review.
Comment same Evaluator notes about applicants visible only to Committee Managers in blind review or search phase; otherwise, visible to other members.
Disposition code Non-selection reason Standardized reasons for not selecting candidates
Dossier (Interfolio's) none Tool for storing and managing professional information and documents; in lieu of applicant account
Forms report none Report based on application forms, e.g., EEO report
Position Search/posting/hire Search or targeted hire
Tag none Word, code or phrase added to applications to help communicate among committee members or manage large applicant pools; can be used for filtering
Unit Department, school, center, etc. Department, school, center, or other academic unit posting or approving a search

Process Workflows

See here for graphic overviews of various kinds of faculty hires.

Committee Manager Tasks:

Adding Evaluators

Faculty members have already been loaded into Interfolio, so you won't need to add people, just find them and add them to your search.

See: Edit Search Committee Membership

If you don't find the faculty member you're looking for or need to add a non-Rice person, contact Adriana or email vpaa@rice.edu. Because we use Rice netID logins, you will need help.

Create a Position

You will have already worked with VPAA on your Job Requisition in iO. Now it's time for you to create the position (aka posting and search plan) in Faculty Search.

  • Click on "Positions" in the left menu.
  • Click the blue button, "+ New Position", in the upper right corner.
  • Follow instructions for "Create a Position" at the link below, keeping in mind these tips:
    • It is strongly advised to put a specific date for closing; you can always change it.
    • Don't forget, in your Required Documents, to ask for your minimum number of "Confidential Letters of Recommendation or Evaluation."
    • If you want to send a special message to all applicants upon their application submission, you can specify one or use a template. If you don't specify or choose one, a generic message will still be sent.
    • You must add at least one Evaluation Criterion. It is advised to add multiple criteria, such as Research and Teaching.
    • Application Forms are supplemental questions you may add to the application. You can add existing forms, then Preview them. If they're not what you want, you can delete them from this application by hitting the "x" to the right.
    • In the Internal Notes section, in the first field labeled "Position ID or Requisition Number," enter the position number.
  • When you have finished your edits and are ready for it to be posted, on the Review Position page, click the blue "Submit for Approval" button near the top of the page.
    • NOTE! In order for the position to be publicly posted, two conditions must be met:
      • The Open Date must be today or earlier, and
      • VPAA must have verified your edits and approved the final posting.

For more details, see the following:

Create a Position

Edit an Existing Position

Creating an Open Rank Search

Publishing your Posting

After you receive an email confirming that your position has been approved, log in and click on your position. Then click "Position Actions" on the top right. From the dropdown menu, select "Edit Position."

Edit Position

Next, on "Apply Now" page is "not published," change it to "Published." In the top center, update your status to "Accepting Applications." Updating the status is an essential step to grant evaluators access to review the applications.

Review Position

Requesting Letters of Recommendation

You have three ways to request letters of recommendation.

  1. As described in the Create a Position tab, you can allow applicants to request letters at the submission of the application. In the section Add Document Requirement, under Document Type select Confidential Letter of Recommendation or Evaluation. Set the required number.
  2. You can allow shortlisted applicants to request letters by contacting applicants to Add Additional Documents later in the process.
  3. You can use a Custom Application Form to request reference contact information from applicants. Then you request letters on their behalf.
Manage a Position

Assign or Change a POSITION Status

Please remember to unpublish your posting if you won't be closing it soon after you've moved the position status from "Accepting Applications." If you don't unpublish it, the posting will remain visible on all websites where you posted it.

After all hires have been selected and moved to hired, then the committee manager will close the posting and indicate all hires. Close a Position (Archive) and Indicate an Outcome

Reopen a Closed Position

Manage Applicants

Assign or Change an APPLICATION Status

Email Applicants

Add Internal Documents to an Application

Request Additional Materials from Selected Applicants

Archive or Unarchive an Application

Before Inviting Candidates to Campus Interviews

Complete the Faculty Recruitment Activity Report and attach it to the posting's Internal Notes section.

Start a Hiring Proposal
  • In the final candidate's application, change the applicant status to "Recommended for Hire."
  • In the position, change the position status to "Ready to Advance Top Candidate."
  • Email Adriana Vaughn when you are ready to start the hiring proposal. In your email, please include the posting link and the candidate's name.
Close a Position
  • When all hires have been approved by all the designated offices, you are ready to close the posting.
  • Now archive all selecting for each a disposition code (i.e., non-selection reason). This is important to complete by this stage of the search.
  • Under the blue Position Actions button in the upper right corner, select "Close Position."
  • On the next screen, in answer to the question, "Was an applicant selected," select "yes," then add the applicant from the list.

Submitting a Selection for Approval: Closing a Position

Work with the Applicant List

Working With the List of Applicants For a Position

See also tasks in the Evaluator section below.

Run a report for Applicant Contact Information

Select Reports from the left menu.

Reports tab

You will automatically land on the Applications Report tab.

Applications Report

On your right, locate Saved Reports. Click to see the dropdown menu. Select your division Applicant Contact Info.

Saved Reports

Next, select the position with the matching ID number.

Position Names

Your report will populate at the bottom of the page. You can click Download CSV for a spreadsheet.


Run an EEO Report

Run an EEO or Custom Form Report

Run a report for PERM Application

On the left menu, go to Reports.

PERM Report tab

From the tabs, select Applications Report.

PERM Applications Report

On the right, click the Saved Reports button. Select your division from the dropdown menu.

PERM Saved Reports

On the left under position names, select the position for which you need the report.

PERM Position Names

You can view the report at the bottom of the screen. Below the filters box on the bottom right, click the Download the CSV button.

PERM Download CSV

More Training for Committee Managers

Evaluator Tasks:

Access the Applications

View the List of Positions

Access the Applications For a Position

Working With the List of Applicants For a Position

View an Applicant's Profile

Set Preferred Default Screen

You can extend the page so that all applicants are visible on one screen.

Scroll down to the default 25 on the bottom left. Click on the caret and select "All."

applicants on page

You can adjust your view to include additional fields.

Go to "Columns" on the right.

Add Columns

Scroll down to "Available" to see options that you can add to your screen.

Available Columns

Click the boxes you want to add your screen. You'll notice they disappear from your view. When finished, click "Done."

Click Done

Now, the these fields have been added to your screen and automatically saved.

new columns added

Finally, you can sort by date so that the most recently submitted application or you could sort by most recently updated application. Just click the arrow next to the heading to sort.


All of the selected preferences are automatically saved and will now be your default screen each time you log back in to this position.

Evaluate Applications

Read and Evaluate Applications Using the Document Reader

Make Notes on Application Materials and Export Your Annotations

Rate Applicants

Comment on an Application

Download Application Materials

Print Applications

Collaborate with Others on Applications

Use Tags to Mark and Sort Applications

Share Applications by Email

More Training for Evaluators
  • Evaluator Training by Interfolio trainer, Whitney Lea, specifically for Rice, video recorded on October 28, 2020. 22 minutes. Use this password: xFr^Zk7m
  • Faculty Search Evaluator Training, self-paced online course, Interfolio University. Available through December 31, 2020. Approx. 25 minutes to complete; includes the applicant experience. Use this password: INTFnd6
  • Applicant and Reference Provider Experience by Interfolio trainer, Whitney Lea, specifically for Rice, video recorded on October 28, 2020. 26 minutes. Use this password: b1QHY*W. (including the period at the end)

Dean's Office Tasks:

Dean's Office Role in Interfolio's Faculty Search

The process of faculty hiring is accomplished in a combination of Interfolio's Faculty Search and iO. The dean's office will have a role to play in Interfolio for:

  1. TTT hires
  2. Senior promotable NTT hires (i.e., Assoc and full Research Professors and Assoc and full Teaching Professors)

This is because, for TTTs, the informal offer process will be accomplished in Faculty Search (FS), and, for senior promotable NTTs, their offer process will also be in FS. The offer process for other NTTs will be done in iO.

See related workflows.

Run Disposition Code Report

Disposition codes (a.k.a., non-selection reasons) must be chosen for each non-selected candidate in the pool. It is important for candidates that require PERM processing for U.S. permanent residence applications that each non-selected applicant be assigned an appropriate and justifiable reason. It is permissible at this point in the search to leave just a handful of final candidates as active in the pool, but the vast majority should be now archived with a disposition code. Here's how you can check:

1. On the left menu, go to the "Reports" tab.

screenshot 1

2. On the Applications Report tab, click on Saved Reports, and select the appropriate school's Disposition Codes report from the dropdown menu.

screenshot 2

3. Select the position in the Filter section.

screenshot 3

4. View the Disposition Code column in the bottom section or download in a CSV file.

screenshot 4

Run an EEO Report

Run an EEO or Custom Report

Approving a Candidate

See Overview Workflows for different types of faculty hires.

Download the Cheatsheet below for Faculty Candidate Approvals in Interfolio.

Interfolio Faculty Search Approvals Cheatsheet

Here's a summary of APPLICANT STATUSES (NOT Position Status) to move approved candidates into by faculty category and with whom you should "share" the application** to notify them that this candidate is waiting for them in Interfolio's Faculty Search:

  • TTT:
    • In your queue as "DEAN: Recommended for hire."
    • You put in "OoP: Recommended for hire" and "share" the application** with Mauricio Benitez.
    • It will come back to you (with an email from MB) as "DEAN: Approved for informal offer."
    • If the candidate declines the offer, you put in "Offer declined" and email MB and the department.
    • If the candidate accepts the informal offer, you put in "Offer Accepted," and "share" the application** with MB, Adriana Vaughn, and the department.
      • The department Search Manager should put all other candidates into disposition codes as appropriate.
      • VPAA will move the candidate into iO for the formal offer process.
  • Senior Promotable Research Professors (assoc/full ranks):
    • In your queue as "DEAN: Recommended for hire."
    • You put in "VPR: Recommended for hire" and "share" the application with Tiffany Morgan in the Vice Provost for Research Office (temorgan@rice.edu).
    • The offer will come from the Provost.
    • If the candidate declines the offer, OoP will put in "Offer declined" and email you and the department.
    • If the candidate accepts the informal offer, OoP will put in "Offer Accepted," and "share" the application with you, Adriana Vaughn, and the department.
      • The department Search Manager should put all other candidates into disposition codes as appropriate.
      • VPAA will move the candidate into iO for onboarding.
  • Senior Promotable Teaching Professors (assoc/full ranks):
    • In your queue as "DEAN: Recommended for hire."
    • You put in "VPAA: Recommended for hire" and "share" the application with Adriana Vaughn.
    • The offer will come from the Provost.
    • If the candidate declines the offer, OoP will put in "Offer declined" and email you and the department.
    • If the candidate accepts the informal offer, OoP will put in "Offer Accepted," and "share" the application with you, Adriana Vaughn, and the department.
      • The department Search Manager should put all other candidates into disposition codes as appropriate.
      • VPAA will move the candidate into iO for onboarding.
  • Other NTTs:
    • No action for you in Interfolio Faculty Search.
    • You will receive a notification in iO when the top candidate has been recommended for hire.

** "SHARING" AN APPLICATION in Interfolio:

<<Please note that the recipient will still need to log into Interfolio to see all attachments and notes, as well as to move the APPLICANT STATUS to the next appropriate status.>>

  • Click into the final candidate's application, then select Share Application from the Actions button:

Sharing an application

  • Personalize the notification email:

Notification email

  • You can also preview before sending:

Preview email

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