How to Submit a Faculty Leave of Absence Request

Applying for a Faculty Leave of Absence in iO is pretty simple:

  1. Download and fill out a Faculty Leave of Absence Request Form. This is the same form that has been in use for several years.
  2. Log into iO with your NetID and dual authentication with Duo.
    1. video: 3-minute generic intro to iO for faculty
  3. Submit the leave request in iO
    1. video: under 2-minute how-to on submitting faculty leave request in iO
    2. Faculty leaves are usually semester based. Therefore:
      1. Please use the start date of July 1 (fall semester) or January 1 (spring semester), and end date of December 31 (fall semester) or June 30 (spring semester).
      2. If your leave is for a full year, it must be submitted as two leaves: one for each 6-month semester (e.g., one sabbatical for July 1 - Dec 31, and another for Jan 1 - June 30).
    3. Attach the Faculty Leave of Absence Request Form in the attachments section of the request.
  4. Please note that your confirmation that the leave has been approved will be an automatic email (or two) when the action has been fully approved by your department chair, dean, and the provost. Leave confirmation letters will no longer be issued unless one is required by a funding agency. If that is the case, please request one through the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.

If the faculty member is unable to apply for the leave in iO directly, the department chair may apply on their behalf.