Publications in FAR





Detailed Guides


Verify and approve "Matched Activities" from the Interfolio Data Service (IDS)

Publications already found by IDS

No bulk accept option. Takes 3 clicks into each publication to accept into record.

How to review and import "Matched Activities"


Import from Web of Science (WoS), Medline/PubMed, ARXIV or iNSPIRE using integrated import function

Can be done by proxy

Can choose to display WoS citation count on CV

No bulk accept option. Takes 1 click per publication to accept into record. (Note: Known issue with iNSPIRE integration currently.)

How to import from existing integrations (instructions are the same for any of the listed sources)


Export file in BibTeX or RIS format from your most trusted source(s), e.g., WoS, Google Scholar, ORCiD, etc., and import into FAR

No need to touch individual publication records

Faculty must log into their own account and export the file. May require curation of results.

How to import files from your favorite source


Manually enter citations into FAR

Only option for some types of scholarly or creative activities, such as presentations, artistic productions, etc.

Please DO NOT copy and paste entire citations into one field. Also, copying and pasting from Word doc into Title field results in visible HTML code in reports.

How to manually add new publications, presentations or other scholarly or creative contributions