Do My Annual Report



  • 2023 Faculty Annual Reports will be submitted in the Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR) tool from Interfolio.
  • The university-wide deadline for 2023 annual reports is Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2024. Some schools may have earlier deadlines.


  • The best source of help for faculty is inside FAR itself. Look for Announcements & Help in the left navigation menu. Includes how to get started on your annual report and FAQs.
  • "Intro to FAR for Faculty" Session: View this 43-minute recording of a live demo and Q&A from Friday, Dec. 9, 2022
    Access the slides here.
  • Imported Records in FAR: This table tells what information has been imported already into FAR, what source each type of record came from, how far back the records go, how frequently they will be reloaded, and what faculty are able to edit directly.
  • Publication Data Sources: This table lists many of the web data sources searched by the Interfolio Data Service (IDS). Publications found from these sources is deduplicated and loaded into the "Matched Activities" box on your Faculty Folio home page.
  • Options for Importing Publications: There are several ways to populate your comprehensive publication records. Pick the method that's right for you! Includes links to more detailed how-to's for each method.

For questions or assistance, please email